Compare and contrast essay- Rap vs. Poetry

Rap vs. Poetry

There are many difference and similarities between rap and poetry. In this paper I will be explaining what rap and what poetry have in similar, along with the difference. There are many audiences outside thinking; poetry and rap are really similar, poetry equals to hip hop and rap equals to poetry. People listen to rap for inspiration, and people write or listen to poems for a better, calming, and peaceful environment.

Rapping these days are expressing someone’s thought and feelings. There’s only one type of rap, unlike poetry that has “haiku”, “limericks”, “sonnet”, and etc. There aren’t many types of ways writing rap, but the topic of raps today are either about drugs, girls, life, clubbing, killing, or dissing. Today if you ask anyone the names they know in the rap world, they will either name, names like: Eminem, Dr.Dre, Flo-ri-da, Lil Wayne, P.Diddy, and etc. Before an artist writes down their rap on paper, they pick a topic to rap about. I’m going to be using the example of one topic, which is “life”. Everyone in the world has a story in their life to talk about, so a rapper would pick that topic to rap about, what comes up on their head they write down, and later on editing. Unlike poetry, rapping is more vulgar, anger, and it has more accents to it.

Poetry can be describing an object, describing the world, environment, mood, and feelings. Poetry isn’t about drugs, clubbing, killing, or even dissing. Poetry can be viewed in first person and third person, unlike raps it is mainly on first person. For example, if a poet decides to write about trees that would be third person, and if a rapper decides to rap about life, or anything it would be mainly first person. People around the world tend to enjoy poetry more than raps. Poetry creates a calm and peaceful environment around us today.

There are many similarities between rap and poetry. One of the main similarities is rhyming, if you read closely there are many rhymed sentence. For example, I picked out a verse from Eminem’s rap “Without me”, the verse I picked out said “So the FCC won’t let me be, or let me be me, so let me see” and a verse from the poetry “Scared”, “Creak, squeak, bump in the night, I wake up in such a fright
I jump up to turn on the light!” Before a rapper writes down rap, they think through what verse fits which paragraph the best, which rhymed sentence fit at the right spot. It is the same thing we do with writing essays in English class. The other similarity is having accents when it comes to reading what the author wrote depending on the topic. The author adds accent to the verse that stands out the most and the most meaningful verse.

In conclusion, there is multiple difference and similarities between rap and poetry, there are similarities in rhyming, accents, and mood. The main difference that really stands out is the topics and writing format. These are the difference and similarities between rapping and poetry, as you can see they have a lot in common and a big gap apart.

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