Metacognition Paper

-How did I start the process?

I started out my research by searching on the internet on some websites that I can use throughout writing my research paper. I first had it written down on 4-5 different note cards. After then I had my source cards and my notecards sorted out and organized. I took the advice that my English teacher gave me and used it. The advice helped me with making my outline. She corrected the words that I should use or the words I need to change. The topic that I chose was “Poverty and Homelessness”, I’ve used the word “they” for homelessness and or poverty. Using the word “they” is leaving them out, meaning the people that are in need of help are not being part of our world. She gave me the word “marginalize” to use, we are the helper that brought them into our world.

-What trouble did I have?

I definitely have to face road blocks during the process of writing the research paper. The trouble that I had was turning my research into a persuasive essay, I did not support my thesis statement enough, and I would miss out on adding some of the research I did on my source cards. I kept on reminding myself when it came to the day of writing the final research paper for not starting out the paragraph making it sound like a persuasive paper, but I still did. My research paper is not the best I can do.

I also had trouble getting the right amount of resources from books, magazines, internet and etc. I had never expected that I had to do more research and definitely not spending so much time on it. I had to search for online Time magazines or books and use the information that it gave. One of the biggest troubles I had before writing the final research paper was I did NOT revise over the rules on what to do and what not to do in a research paper.

-What are my paper’s weaknesses?

I definitely had a lot of weaknesses in my final paper. One of the weaknesses that I had was not supporting my thesis statement enough. Another weakness that I had was I didn’t support from my note cards and source cards well enough. Well, the weaknesses that are in my paper are really easy to find out; I did write everything I had on my note cards or source cards, after writing the information on my cards I did not support It enough.

-What improvement do I need to see in this paper?

While I was revising my paper I saw that there were a lot of improvements that need to be done. Some of the improvements are, organization, supporting thesis statement, and concluding the paper. I tried to fix up every mistake that I could find and revising it over and over so it would be correct. After revising I did feel confident in writing this paper. I missed out on the small details that corrupted my writing and the links that I didn’t add at all. So on my next paper; I would practice more on writing the draft before the final writing. By doing that I could get help from people from my classroom, help from teachers, and even parents.

– What goals do I have for future writing?

The goals that I have for my future writing is having an organized outline and clearly know what the topic is about, I could do more research on any paper. The main point I’m going to be focused on more is organizing my paper and revising it over and over before turning in the final product.

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