Descriptive Essay-The Student Center

The Student Center                                                                                        Shaun Png

As I walk in the doors of the student center from a hot sunny day, I ran straight to the counter and asked them for a can of sprite. Counter boy, “The sprite that you had purchased is 1.50” I replied back, “Here’s 1.50”. As I walk along the student center, all I heard was laughter and giggles from different students. A 5th grader came up to me and asks if he may lend 5.00 ringgit from me, I couldn’t say no just by looking at his puppy dog eyes so I just gave him the money calmly without complaining in my mind “Why did I just give him my 5.00 ringgit?!”. I opened the can of Sprite, while I could hear the lit crack open. I took the first big gulp of sprite drink, and I went “Ahhh” as it cools down my body temperature.

There is not much place to hang out after school that is actually cooling except for the band room, but you wouldn’t really want to hang out in there while someone is blowing their horn in front of you while talking to your friend, well this is why the student center is built, for students to have a nice and cooling place to hang out with friends, it’s not like some super ultimate café with built in coffee makers on the wall, student center is a place where students feel comfortable in what they are doing and or visitors feel welcome at any time.

The student center may also be called a home theatre. There are couches provided for you to rest on, sit on, sleep on, and etc. Projectors, air-con, food, drinks, every single food and supplies you need are in the student center ready for you. Dalat has planned a head for the students, by providing what’s best for the student. There are no specific rules for what not to do, except for jumping around like monkeys. It is a place of enjoyment and laughter. A place where you could cool down yourself for having a stressful day, or if there is something going on in your life you want other people to help you with; the student center is open for anyone.  This is the first time in my school year life that I have ever experienced this type of center that is good, comfortable and very well organized.

To be honest, I have never been to a school that has such good service that is being provided by the school council for students. There is no other school out there that you can find that has built a small center for students to hang out in. The student center has made a big impact in Dalat International School, being able to not leave the students or teachers outside in the sun wandering around but to make them feel comfortable in a place where they can relax. On this night, at this moment, there was nowhere else in school that I could feel more comfortable in.



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