Game tournament

4th place at game championship                                    Shaun P’ng

It was august 1st 2010 when I first heard about the Sudden Attack online championship game. The game is first person shooting online so I knew I could sign up for it. I told my friends about and we discussed whether if we should sign up for it or not, about one minute later my friend said “sure, let’s give it a try”.  We started training since that day and every night. We tried our best winning as much as possible which we did.

The competition starts at Friday 9:00 p.m. It was Thursday night and it was our last day of training. We trained for 2 hours and took a rest, we weren’t that confident that we would win every match and win the championship but we are sure that we will get to the semifinals. So it was Friday 7:00 p.m. we were extremely anxious about the game, we heard from other people if they lost or not and there were good news and bad news. Of course I didn’t want to hear about the bad news all I want is the good news so they told me that the first round of the game was easy. So I said “Ok guys, we got this “. The clock is ticking fast and it was 5 minutes until 9. Our opponents made a game room and we all went in it.

We all clicked the ready button and the game has started. We all knew what to do cause we had a great commander that tells us where to go and where not to go. We have to win 7 rounds and if we don’t, we would be out of the game. The game was getting harder every round and we were all really nervous. It was the last round of the first match where my teammates have all died and it was left with my friend Robin. He took out two opponents and is left with one. We had confident in him and that he would save that match, and he saved it.

About twenty minutes later the game has ended and we won! It was a hard match but we manage to win it.

The days went by, we were winning every team that we faced. It was time for the semifinals; we knew that we were not ready for the team that we are facing. I said to my team “Try your best, that’s all it matters” during the game there will be judges watching us so it made us nervous. The game has started, about 10 minutes later we lost to that team. The game was fun and it was for an experience. “We tried our best, and we got to this far as a team, that’s good enough” I said.

We tried our best, and we gave it a shot. The game isn’t just about winning, its about a team trying their best and showing off what they can do.



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