Short Story-The Foundation

There was a legend. People said that when a new life came to earth, a new creature was born to protect it, and if the creature failed to protect it; the new born have a demon inside his body. In 1889 my mom was pregnant to my dad, my mom’s name was Angelina, and my dad’s was Alex. My mom when to the hospital to check whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and the doctor said it was a boy. I could see what my mom was thinking but it wasn’t very pleasant. My mom said: “Max aren’t you excited about your new brother?” I replied: “Yeah, glad to have someone to hang out with me more often.” I said in sarcasm. (1 year passed) It was 1900 and my mom was ready to give birth. The doctor had come over to our house to help us with our new born. I went out to the living room and all I heard from my parent’s room was the word “push!” repeating over and over, yelling, and crying. After about 30 minutes the screaming has stopped, I quickly rushed to my parent’s room and I saw my little brother. The doctor had a strange look in his eyes, like he saw something strange about the baby; I asked him “what’s wrong doctor?” He looked at me and put his right hand on my shoulder and said “Max, you take good care of your brother ok?” I replied “I sure will”. It sounded like there was something wrong but he just wouldn’t tell us.

1995, 4/10. My parents attended a dinner for their company so I had to watch my brother James while they were gone. It was 5 minutes to midnight and my parents wasn’t home yet. James asked me “Max would you like to play a game with me?” I replied “Umm…sure what is it?” James replied “Let’s play hide and seek!” I any how agreed to it because there was nothing else to do at home besides staring at the plain white wall. James “Il hide and you count ok?” I replied “Ok sure, I’ll count to 10 and you have to be hiding ok?” James “Ok!” I counted: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10, James you ready? (No replies) I went to seek for him around the house, I searched for over 30 minutes and I realized that something went wrong. I searched every corner, every room, and every single place there was in my house and he wasn’t there. I panicked, I yelled out my little brother’s name “James?!, James?! You there?” No replies.

I went in to his bedroom and searched if he was under his bed, but he wasn’t there. (Plates crashes) I hurried down as fast as possible and I saw the broken plate, underneath the broken pieces there was blood. I followed the blood trail and it went lead me to a store room. I slowly opened the door slowly while it makes squeaky sounds. While it opened I had a sense that my brother was going to scare me, but he didn’t. Once the door was fully opened I turned on the lights and on the wall there was a words that were covered in blood and it said “Come and find me max.” At that time I freaked out, I thought to myself “James is only 5! How can he write such a thing? I heard the floor creaked upstairs, I ran upstairs as fast as possible and James was standing at the other end of the stairs looking at me as if there was something wrong. “James come here, I found you” I said. “Max, there is something in the house” James’s voice was so deep that I could hardly recognize it. My heart started pounding so fast that it felt like it was going to fall right out of my chest. James eyes were partially all black I ran up to him and gave him a good shake and his eyes pupil turned back to normal, and he said to me “Max, you found me?” “Yes, yes I did” I replied.

I couldn’t sleep without thinking what happened to my brother. (Next morning) I wanted to go back to the doctor and asked him what happened to my brother. I lied to my parents saying that I was going for a walk; they agreed with it so I walked out the door calmly and ran to the doctor. When I arrived at the doctors, the doctor Wayne welcomed me in. I asked him “5 years ago my brother was born, and I remembered that you told me something, and it was; remember to take good care of your brother James.”  He looked outside the window and slowly explained to me what has happened to my little brother”. Wayne asked me to do him a favor and I agreed, I said “What was it?” Wayne said “I want you to go home and look at your brother’s right arm carefully, you will see numbers like 00, 1/2, it’s the date when James was born. I thanked the doctor for the help and I walked home slowly. On the way home I was thinking of what Mr. Wayne was telling me about what has happened during the birth of James. The line I remembered clearly was “Do not ever let your brother go near a stranger” I kept on thinking what is he trying to say? As I reached home, my little brother was sleeping. I walked to him and took a good long look on his right arm and right at his elbow there was the number, 00,1/2. The numbers were so small that it would be almost impossible to see it through a magnifying glass.

As the days pass by my brother was acting strange. At the age of 5 he was the most joyful kid you can ever find and after the age of five he changed like he was a whole new person. He always had a sad look on his face and he was never happy. (3:30 am) It was the in the middle of a night. I had a dream about my brother getting lost and trap in the forest and death came to him. I opened my eyes and said to myself “That was only a dream” I turned to my left and my brother was standing right beside me staring at what I was doing. “Oh my goodness” James!  Don’t scare me like that.

I knew there was something wrong about him. I called the police department and they did a checkup on James. When the police told me what was wrong, I was so shocked that what James was. The officer told me we had to lock him up or else he would just get worse. They had him locked up for a life time. From that day on, I never got a chance to talk to my brother ever again.


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