Compare and contrast essay- Rap vs. Poetry

Rap vs. Poetry

There are many difference and similarities between rap and poetry. In this paper I will be explaining what rap and what poetry have in similar, along with the difference. There are many audiences outside thinking; poetry and rap are really similar, poetry equals to hip hop and rap equals to poetry. People listen to rap for inspiration, and people write or listen to poems for a better, calming, and peaceful environment.

Rapping these days are expressing someone’s thought and feelings. There’s only one type of rap, unlike poetry that has “haiku”, “limericks”, “sonnet”, and etc. There aren’t many types of ways writing rap, but the topic of raps today are either about drugs, girls, life, clubbing, killing, or dissing. Today if you ask anyone the names they know in the rap world, they will either name, names like: Eminem, Dr.Dre, Flo-ri-da, Lil Wayne, P.Diddy, and etc. Before an artist writes down their rap on paper, they pick a topic to rap about. I’m going to be using the example of one topic, which is “life”. Everyone in the world has a story in their life to talk about, so a rapper would pick that topic to rap about, what comes up on their head they write down, and later on editing. Unlike poetry, rapping is more vulgar, anger, and it has more accents to it.

Poetry can be describing an object, describing the world, environment, mood, and feelings. Poetry isn’t about drugs, clubbing, killing, or even dissing. Poetry can be viewed in first person and third person, unlike raps it is mainly on first person. For example, if a poet decides to write about trees that would be third person, and if a rapper decides to rap about life, or anything it would be mainly first person. People around the world tend to enjoy poetry more than raps. Poetry creates a calm and peaceful environment around us today.

There are many similarities between rap and poetry. One of the main similarities is rhyming, if you read closely there are many rhymed sentence. For example, I picked out a verse from Eminem’s rap “Without me”, the verse I picked out said “So the FCC won’t let me be, or let me be me, so let me see” and a verse from the poetry “Scared”, “Creak, squeak, bump in the night, I wake up in such a fright
I jump up to turn on the light!” Before a rapper writes down rap, they think through what verse fits which paragraph the best, which rhymed sentence fit at the right spot. It is the same thing we do with writing essays in English class. The other similarity is having accents when it comes to reading what the author wrote depending on the topic. The author adds accent to the verse that stands out the most and the most meaningful verse.

In conclusion, there is multiple difference and similarities between rap and poetry, there are similarities in rhyming, accents, and mood. The main difference that really stands out is the topics and writing format. These are the difference and similarities between rapping and poetry, as you can see they have a lot in common and a big gap apart.

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Metacognition Paper

-How did I start the process?

I started out my research by searching on the internet on some websites that I can use throughout writing my research paper. I first had it written down on 4-5 different note cards. After then I had my source cards and my notecards sorted out and organized. I took the advice that my English teacher gave me and used it. The advice helped me with making my outline. She corrected the words that I should use or the words I need to change. The topic that I chose was “Poverty and Homelessness”, I’ve used the word “they” for homelessness and or poverty. Using the word “they” is leaving them out, meaning the people that are in need of help are not being part of our world. She gave me the word “marginalize” to use, we are the helper that brought them into our world.

-What trouble did I have?

I definitely have to face road blocks during the process of writing the research paper. The trouble that I had was turning my research into a persuasive essay, I did not support my thesis statement enough, and I would miss out on adding some of the research I did on my source cards. I kept on reminding myself when it came to the day of writing the final research paper for not starting out the paragraph making it sound like a persuasive paper, but I still did. My research paper is not the best I can do.

I also had trouble getting the right amount of resources from books, magazines, internet and etc. I had never expected that I had to do more research and definitely not spending so much time on it. I had to search for online Time magazines or books and use the information that it gave. One of the biggest troubles I had before writing the final research paper was I did NOT revise over the rules on what to do and what not to do in a research paper.

-What are my paper’s weaknesses?

I definitely had a lot of weaknesses in my final paper. One of the weaknesses that I had was not supporting my thesis statement enough. Another weakness that I had was I didn’t support from my note cards and source cards well enough. Well, the weaknesses that are in my paper are really easy to find out; I did write everything I had on my note cards or source cards, after writing the information on my cards I did not support It enough.

-What improvement do I need to see in this paper?

While I was revising my paper I saw that there were a lot of improvements that need to be done. Some of the improvements are, organization, supporting thesis statement, and concluding the paper. I tried to fix up every mistake that I could find and revising it over and over so it would be correct. After revising I did feel confident in writing this paper. I missed out on the small details that corrupted my writing and the links that I didn’t add at all. So on my next paper; I would practice more on writing the draft before the final writing. By doing that I could get help from people from my classroom, help from teachers, and even parents.

– What goals do I have for future writing?

The goals that I have for my future writing is having an organized outline and clearly know what the topic is about, I could do more research on any paper. The main point I’m going to be focused on more is organizing my paper and revising it over and over before turning in the final product.

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Descriptive Essay-The Student Center

The Student Center                                                                                        Shaun Png

As I walk in the doors of the student center from a hot sunny day, I ran straight to the counter and asked them for a can of sprite. Counter boy, “The sprite that you had purchased is 1.50” I replied back, “Here’s 1.50”. As I walk along the student center, all I heard was laughter and giggles from different students. A 5th grader came up to me and asks if he may lend 5.00 ringgit from me, I couldn’t say no just by looking at his puppy dog eyes so I just gave him the money calmly without complaining in my mind “Why did I just give him my 5.00 ringgit?!”. I opened the can of Sprite, while I could hear the lit crack open. I took the first big gulp of sprite drink, and I went “Ahhh” as it cools down my body temperature.

There is not much place to hang out after school that is actually cooling except for the band room, but you wouldn’t really want to hang out in there while someone is blowing their horn in front of you while talking to your friend, well this is why the student center is built, for students to have a nice and cooling place to hang out with friends, it’s not like some super ultimate café with built in coffee makers on the wall, student center is a place where students feel comfortable in what they are doing and or visitors feel welcome at any time.

The student center may also be called a home theatre. There are couches provided for you to rest on, sit on, sleep on, and etc. Projectors, air-con, food, drinks, every single food and supplies you need are in the student center ready for you. Dalat has planned a head for the students, by providing what’s best for the student. There are no specific rules for what not to do, except for jumping around like monkeys. It is a place of enjoyment and laughter. A place where you could cool down yourself for having a stressful day, or if there is something going on in your life you want other people to help you with; the student center is open for anyone.  This is the first time in my school year life that I have ever experienced this type of center that is good, comfortable and very well organized.

To be honest, I have never been to a school that has such good service that is being provided by the school council for students. There is no other school out there that you can find that has built a small center for students to hang out in. The student center has made a big impact in Dalat International School, being able to not leave the students or teachers outside in the sun wandering around but to make them feel comfortable in a place where they can relax. On this night, at this moment, there was nowhere else in school that I could feel more comfortable in.



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I remember

I remember the days the flower bloom

I remember the ocean current crashing onto shore

I remember filling the ocean water as if it was a million piece of diamond being poured out

I remember the smell of the green grassed field

I remember volume being raised up on the corner of my ear

I remember different events in my life.


Using a pencil

Black mark, eraser mark

Piece of paper is all you need

Stay on the line given to you.


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Short Story-The Foundation

There was a legend. People said that when a new life came to earth, a new creature was born to protect it, and if the creature failed to protect it; the new born have a demon inside his body. In 1889 my mom was pregnant to my dad, my mom’s name was Angelina, and my dad’s was Alex. My mom when to the hospital to check whether the baby was a boy or a girl, and the doctor said it was a boy. I could see what my mom was thinking but it wasn’t very pleasant. My mom said: “Max aren’t you excited about your new brother?” I replied: “Yeah, glad to have someone to hang out with me more often.” I said in sarcasm. (1 year passed) It was 1900 and my mom was ready to give birth. The doctor had come over to our house to help us with our new born. I went out to the living room and all I heard from my parent’s room was the word “push!” repeating over and over, yelling, and crying. After about 30 minutes the screaming has stopped, I quickly rushed to my parent’s room and I saw my little brother. The doctor had a strange look in his eyes, like he saw something strange about the baby; I asked him “what’s wrong doctor?” He looked at me and put his right hand on my shoulder and said “Max, you take good care of your brother ok?” I replied “I sure will”. It sounded like there was something wrong but he just wouldn’t tell us.

1995, 4/10. My parents attended a dinner for their company so I had to watch my brother James while they were gone. It was 5 minutes to midnight and my parents wasn’t home yet. James asked me “Max would you like to play a game with me?” I replied “Umm…sure what is it?” James replied “Let’s play hide and seek!” I any how agreed to it because there was nothing else to do at home besides staring at the plain white wall. James “Il hide and you count ok?” I replied “Ok sure, I’ll count to 10 and you have to be hiding ok?” James “Ok!” I counted: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10, James you ready? (No replies) I went to seek for him around the house, I searched for over 30 minutes and I realized that something went wrong. I searched every corner, every room, and every single place there was in my house and he wasn’t there. I panicked, I yelled out my little brother’s name “James?!, James?! You there?” No replies.

I went in to his bedroom and searched if he was under his bed, but he wasn’t there. (Plates crashes) I hurried down as fast as possible and I saw the broken plate, underneath the broken pieces there was blood. I followed the blood trail and it went lead me to a store room. I slowly opened the door slowly while it makes squeaky sounds. While it opened I had a sense that my brother was going to scare me, but he didn’t. Once the door was fully opened I turned on the lights and on the wall there was a words that were covered in blood and it said “Come and find me max.” At that time I freaked out, I thought to myself “James is only 5! How can he write such a thing? I heard the floor creaked upstairs, I ran upstairs as fast as possible and James was standing at the other end of the stairs looking at me as if there was something wrong. “James come here, I found you” I said. “Max, there is something in the house” James’s voice was so deep that I could hardly recognize it. My heart started pounding so fast that it felt like it was going to fall right out of my chest. James eyes were partially all black I ran up to him and gave him a good shake and his eyes pupil turned back to normal, and he said to me “Max, you found me?” “Yes, yes I did” I replied.

I couldn’t sleep without thinking what happened to my brother. (Next morning) I wanted to go back to the doctor and asked him what happened to my brother. I lied to my parents saying that I was going for a walk; they agreed with it so I walked out the door calmly and ran to the doctor. When I arrived at the doctors, the doctor Wayne welcomed me in. I asked him “5 years ago my brother was born, and I remembered that you told me something, and it was; remember to take good care of your brother James.”  He looked outside the window and slowly explained to me what has happened to my little brother”. Wayne asked me to do him a favor and I agreed, I said “What was it?” Wayne said “I want you to go home and look at your brother’s right arm carefully, you will see numbers like 00, 1/2, it’s the date when James was born. I thanked the doctor for the help and I walked home slowly. On the way home I was thinking of what Mr. Wayne was telling me about what has happened during the birth of James. The line I remembered clearly was “Do not ever let your brother go near a stranger” I kept on thinking what is he trying to say? As I reached home, my little brother was sleeping. I walked to him and took a good long look on his right arm and right at his elbow there was the number, 00,1/2. The numbers were so small that it would be almost impossible to see it through a magnifying glass.

As the days pass by my brother was acting strange. At the age of 5 he was the most joyful kid you can ever find and after the age of five he changed like he was a whole new person. He always had a sad look on his face and he was never happy. (3:30 am) It was the in the middle of a night. I had a dream about my brother getting lost and trap in the forest and death came to him. I opened my eyes and said to myself “That was only a dream” I turned to my left and my brother was standing right beside me staring at what I was doing. “Oh my goodness” James!  Don’t scare me like that.

I knew there was something wrong about him. I called the police department and they did a checkup on James. When the police told me what was wrong, I was so shocked that what James was. The officer told me we had to lock him up or else he would just get worse. They had him locked up for a life time. From that day on, I never got a chance to talk to my brother ever again.


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Game tournament

4th place at game championship                                    Shaun P’ng

It was august 1st 2010 when I first heard about the Sudden Attack online championship game. The game is first person shooting online so I knew I could sign up for it. I told my friends about and we discussed whether if we should sign up for it or not, about one minute later my friend said “sure, let’s give it a try”.  We started training since that day and every night. We tried our best winning as much as possible which we did.

The competition starts at Friday 9:00 p.m. It was Thursday night and it was our last day of training. We trained for 2 hours and took a rest, we weren’t that confident that we would win every match and win the championship but we are sure that we will get to the semifinals. So it was Friday 7:00 p.m. we were extremely anxious about the game, we heard from other people if they lost or not and there were good news and bad news. Of course I didn’t want to hear about the bad news all I want is the good news so they told me that the first round of the game was easy. So I said “Ok guys, we got this “. The clock is ticking fast and it was 5 minutes until 9. Our opponents made a game room and we all went in it.

We all clicked the ready button and the game has started. We all knew what to do cause we had a great commander that tells us where to go and where not to go. We have to win 7 rounds and if we don’t, we would be out of the game. The game was getting harder every round and we were all really nervous. It was the last round of the first match where my teammates have all died and it was left with my friend Robin. He took out two opponents and is left with one. We had confident in him and that he would save that match, and he saved it.

About twenty minutes later the game has ended and we won! It was a hard match but we manage to win it.

The days went by, we were winning every team that we faced. It was time for the semifinals; we knew that we were not ready for the team that we are facing. I said to my team “Try your best, that’s all it matters” during the game there will be judges watching us so it made us nervous. The game has started, about 10 minutes later we lost to that team. The game was fun and it was for an experience. “We tried our best, and we got to this far as a team, that’s good enough” I said.

We tried our best, and we gave it a shot. The game isn’t just about winning, its about a team trying their best and showing off what they can do.



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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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